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Prime Medica Corporation (hereinafter “we”) safely manage employees’ personal information and also consider the management of customers’ personal information as an important issue in providing our medical equipment’s information. We establish the basic policy to achieve goals below and provide the continuous relief to customers and employees by thoroughly informing it to all employees.

Regarding handing to personal information
We establish the management system to protect the providing service of the medical equipment information and personal information depending on business activities of the management of employees’ information, etc. and we follow company’s regulations about the contents below and handle personal information properly and carefully.

Regarding the collection of personal information
When we collect personal information, we clarify the purpose to collect them to customers and employees and use lawful and fair means to extent necessary to achieve it.

Regarding the use of personal information
When we use personal information, we handle them within the collection purpose that customers and employees have agreed.

Regarding the provision and the deposit of personal information
When we provide and deposit personal information to third parties, we do this within the collection purpose that customers and employees have agreed. When the provision and the deposit are scheduled, we also notify to third parties in advance that provision and deposit are scheduled and obtain the consent from the person in charge of personal information.

Regarding the implementation of safety measures
We make safety provisions including information security measures and certainly prevent unauthorized accesses to personal information and their loss, damage, falsifying and leakage, etc. to ensure their accuracy and safety. When improvements are needed due to internal audit results, examples of security incidents and request from customers and within the company, etc., we also promptly correct this.

Regarding the compliance with the laws and regulations
We comply with the laws pertaining to the protection of personal information and other regulations regarding handing to personal information.

Regarding continuous improvements of the compliance program
We continuously improvement the compliance program and always maintain the best condition through periodic internal audits and opportunities to review it by CEO to remain it’s effectiveness developed for personal information.

Respecting the rights of customers and employees
We respect the rights of customers and employees regarding personal information. When customers and employees request to disclose, correct, delete and refuse of the use and the provision of their personal information, we answer their requests for the reasonable period.


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