Prime Medica Co., Ltd.-Artificial joint, implants for spines, development of welfare equipment-

Greeting from CEO

Various issues are pointed out when we are facing the super-aging society in Japan.
According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the average life expectancy has increased since 2016 to 2001. (female 84.39 → 87.14 years old, male 78.07 → 80.98 years old).
The healthy life expectancy also has increased during the same period. (female 72.65 → 74.79 years old, male 69.40 → 72.14 years old)

In these circumstances, The Japanese Orthopaedic Association puts effort into the awareness campaign of the locomotive syndrome to contribute to extending the healthy lifespan. We would like to contribute to extending patients’ healthy lifespan by supporting Orthopedic surgeons who strives to recover and maintain the motor function.

We conduct supports by providing the information especially about the artificial joint surgery, the spinal surgery and the trauma surgery and the preoperative planning. We propose the proper use of surgical instruments that are highly specialized based on rich experiences and the implant. We also make suggestions through the joint business with many supply manufacturers to have the best interest of patients in an independent position.

We will continue to push forward with our mind putting patients first by supporting doctors.


Responding to growing needs of the Orthopedics field,
contributing to patients’ healthy lifespan
The Support to doctors and medical institutions providing the high
and reliable medical care
Providing flexible service depending on the Orthopedic technology
which changes from day to day
We become a company “lighting up a corner”
and promote the enhancement of the community medicine.


18th March ,2005 Prime Medica LLC established
September ,2008 Organizational change into Prime Medica Co., Ltd.
November ,2008 Moved to Kawaguchi Honcho (current address)
June ,2013 Started spinal implant business
October ,2014 The domestic exclusive agency agreement was concluded of PENNINE’s suction tube for the Orthopedic surgery
March ,2015 10th anniversary
March ,2020 15th anniversary
April ,2022 Started business as manufacturer

Business Description

Selling Orthopedic medical devices mainly including the artificial joint (hip, knee and shoulder), products for the spinal surgery and treatment materials for the fracture
We inform Orthopedic surgeons the proper information and help with patients’ functional recoveries.


Company Overview

Name Prime Medica Co., Ltd.
Address Obel Kawaguchi Honcho 3F,
4-7-21 Kawaguchi Honcho, Saitama, Japan
TEL (+81)48-224-0280
FAX (+81)48-224-0281
Establishment 18th March, 2005
CEO Takayuki Hirashima
Capital ¥10,000,000
Accounting period February
Number of employees 15 people
Average age 35 years old
Ratio of male and female 2:1
Average of service years 6 years
Business Selling and lending medical equipments (mainly the artificial joint, products for the spinal surgery and bone connecting materials)
Active area Mainly around Tokyo
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